We’re part of the Food-truck wave! What’s a food truck? It’s kind of a “moving kitchen” bringing you a new kind of street-food in any corner of the city or even at your door-step or countryard, reside, office… You ask, we come!

How are we different from other food-trucks in Bangalore?

First of all, we can quite confidently state that we are the first Food-truck initiated in the city by foreigners. Is that better? Not sure, it depends on you, your curiosity and your palate. Obviously, we’re cooking French food but maybe not the one you’ve tasted before of heard about. At our truck, we’re focusing on homemade simple French food, snacks like our mothers were cooking at home when they wanted togive us a quick but tasty lunch. Croque-Monsieur anyone? French fries? Mustard? This is what we chose to focus on. Because we want to bring French food to the street of Bangalore, we have chosen hearty recipes and easy to cook ingredients in front of you. Everything is home-made from our bread to our ketchup so you’ll never be able to taste the same anywhere else. Made my French in Bangalore!

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